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Now you’re having beautiful fingertips, adorable toenails, glowing skin, and you think that’s enough to dress up for any party? You’ve forgotten your windows into the soul—yes, I’m talking about your eyes! Full, long, and wispy lashes are the key to standout and attractive eyes. No makeup is complete without gorgeous eyelashes.

Ask yourself some questions: Do you fancy your eyes to wake up looking vibrant? Do you want to save your makeup time but still look amazing? Do you like the idea of swimming on the beach or crying out without ruining your mascara or falling off your false eyelashes?

If all the answers for those questions are “Yes” then professional Eyelash Extensions are the solution for you! Nowadays the best Eyelash Extension products are used widely in most of the famous lash studios or top beauty salons, so be rest assured that you can own your fabulous lashes with no harm or concern about health aspects and hygiene problems. Lash Extensions are considered a must-try beauty trend but you should choose a trusted beauty salon to get the best results.



1. Eyebrows $550
2. Lips $550
3. Eyeliners $300
4. Touch up $175


1. Eyebrows $300
2. Lips $300
3. Eyeliners $150
4. Touch up $100

Book with a top-rated lash lounge near your house so that you can conveniently come back there for lash refills. Full set Eyelash Extension prices can vary quite a bit, depending on the location, technician, and the final lash look. Some types of Lash Extensions of your choice: Silk, Mink, Faux Mink, Synthetic,...

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If the eyes are the window of the soul, then the eyebrows are that window's frame. If the lashes enhance your eyes, then the brows enhance not only your eyes but also your facial features. To obtain the best eyebrow look, you must think of the brow shape, brow color, and brow thickness.


You can lean on your eye color, hair color, skin tone, or at least your makeup concept to decide your most suitable eyebrows. There are a lot of professional eyebrow services for you to choose from, such as Microblading, Brow Tinting, Brow Threading. etc.


Besides, high-quality eyebrow products are always available on the market, which can help you gain your dream brows. If you’re looking for far better solutions to your eyebrows, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a brow expert, and it’s best to spend your budget on top-ranked Permanent Makeup services! Permanent Makeup includes Microblading, Lip Blushing, and Permanent Eyeliner. In this busy lifestyle, these on-trend beauty techniques are absolutely necessary!

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